Help - Oly 70-300mm vs 50-200mm

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Re: Help - Oly 70-300mm vs 50-200mm

Its only natural to be a little reticent about forking out large sums of money on big lumps of glass but in this case it really is a no-brainer for anyone who has has already made the leap.

The SWD version of the 50-200 is really fast to focus and will bring a big smile to the face until you begin to take it for granted..... a big difference there!

The other concern is the reach you think you are loosing but the glass in the 50-200 is far more forgiving than that in the 70-300. In very good light the 70-300 can be excellent but in less than perfect light it can be very frustrating because you just miss the shot being really good as its softer at the long end and lower in contrast. The 50-200 is much sharper through its whole range and cropping the image, even as much as 100% will give you better results and contrast is better in poor light.

The 50-200 is heavier thats for sure and looks like a real monster with its hood in place but have no fear practice makes perfect and you will soon muscle up!!

I would buy mine again in less than a heartbeat.

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