D800 looks noticeably noisier than D700

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Re: facing truth may be painful to some people

bobn2 wrote:

James Bligh wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

James Bligh wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

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John Motts wrote:

James Bligh wrote:

Then why dpreview compares 100% images?

They are wrong. It is pointless.

If you think they are wrong why do you bother to visit dpreview? It is pointless. Isn't it? For me I think they are right. So I visit dpreview and I read their reviews.

Then you will be eating crow when they publish their D800 review.

I will in no way be ashamed by what they may say.

Of course you will not, since you will read what they say selectively and remain convinced that it supports what you said all along. But, the fact of it is that they will not be making their assessment on the basis of 100% comparisons, just as they did not with the NEX-7, in which you apparently agree with everything they say.

Showing/comparing 100% images and to tell the truth is what dpreview should do and I am pleased by what dpreview has done so far. As always facing truth may be painful to some people though.

So, you agree with their comment on the NEX-7:

The inevitable conclusion from this is that, if you compare images as a whole rather than at the pixel level, the NEX-7's low light, high ISO performance is essentially a match for the NEX-5N's. So overall the increased pixel count delivers potentially more detail at low ISO, without any obvious negative impact on high ISO image quality.

and if so, what is your issue with using a similar method of comparison as DPR has here when it comes to the D800 with respect to the D700?

That's an opinion and fact precedes opinion.

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