The 60D vs. The Elements vs. Everything Else

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The 60D vs. The Elements vs. Everything Else

Have no previous SLR experience to speak of, other than a Minolta Maxxum, which I always left on Auto, and no dSLR experience, either. On top of that, no video experience and no post-production experience. I am brand new to all of this and starting from scratch.

I live in the US Southwest and have recently become involved in hiking and have fallen in love with it. I want to begin shooting my day hikes, with video being my primary interest and stills being secondary. I'm not interested in producing some lame, PnS-type home videos, either, but want to take the time to learn the editing software and the camera hardware to produce something that is more interesting and looks more professional.

I often hike with groups, and the members of these groups, both individually and collectively, will be the focus of some of the shots, as well as the trail, areas along the trail, and the surrounding landscape.

I am far from rich, but realize it will take money to achieve the quality I want. On the Post end, I am going to buy a new PC with the power, storage, and memory I will need for editing HD video. As far as editing software, Adobe Production Premium is much too expensive and I don't want to endure the 20-year learning curve, so will go with Sony Vegas Pro 11.

Have done a lot of reading trying to determine the best camera. lens, and audio (probably Rode VideoMic Pro) setup. I've decided to go with Canon, but have ruled out a camcorder and prefer going with a dSLR as it would allow more flexibility, creativity, and would give me the best of both the Still and Video worlds. At this point, it looks like the 60D is the best, all around choice for my needs.

However, as I understand it, the60D's body is not up to par with, say, the 7D and other Canon bodies, and it is not sealed to protect it from the elements. Since 90% of my shooting will be in wilderness areas, and since the US Desert Southwest has plenty of wind and dust, I am a little concerned about how the 60D's body will hold up in that type of environment.

Plus, due to the very same concerns, I feel like I should only buy "L" glass because they are sealed against the elements, and the reviewers of EF-S glass, although more suited to the 60D, complain about major dust infiltration and incompatible with FF cameras. But since "L" glass is so expensive, I can only buy one zoom lens and hope it will be sufficient for most of my needs. But I have read that, since "L" glass is not technically designed or ideally suited for cameras with a 1.6 crop factor, such as the 60D, some IQ will be lost when using "L" glass on a 60d. Plus, since I would need a wide angle for landscapes and other shots, due to the 1.6 crop factor, I would need a zoom with a focal length that starts down in the mid-teens in order to get a wide angle in the mid-20s. And because hiking group members will be the focus of a lot of shots, I also need a shallow DoF.

From my inexperienced perspective, it seems this pretty much limits me to the Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8 L II USM, which, due to the crop factor, would effectively be around 26-56mm. It is wide-angled enough, capable of delivering shallow DoF, but no IS, not as much zoom as I would like, and, not to mention, seriously expensive. Anyway, all that makes me wonder if I should be looking at a camera with a FF sensor, instead, and, if so, that takes expensive to a whole new level.

Don't want to buy lower-end gear because, in the long run, it is a waste of money, so I don't mind spending the bucks (up to a point, naturally), but I also don't want to buy more than I need.

So, okay. I realize I am an ignorant newb, but I am reading, pondering, and trying to learn. I have spent an untold number of hours reading and doing research, but now I need the advice of more experienced videographers and photographers.

So, in a nutshell:

1. What is your opinion on the long-term survival of the 60D's body when used primarily while hiking in the US Desert Southwest?

2. What is your take on FF Sensors vs. APS-C Sensors when using "L" glass?

3. What is your "one" zoom lens suggestion for my hiking and shooting needs?

Sorry for such a long post, but couldn't find a shorter way to apprise you of my situation and needs.


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