K-01 AF with DA 70 / FA 77: How bad is it?

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Re: K-01 AF with DA 70 / FA 77: How bad is it?

chopf wrote:

lxstorm wrote:

In case fast and accurate auto-focus is in demand DSLR is the only option.

So that's the key point - I don't need ultra-fast & accurate AF (no sports etc.) but OTH if AF fails me all the time in low light and I have to manual focus constantly, I will regret that I haven't got a DSLR or at least spent the €€ on 2-3 good MF lenses instead of 1 limited with useless AF...

My experience using Leica M in the past for parties that is a classical low light occasion either use instrument with a flash and lens stepped down for depth of field which neglects all benefit of Leica M expensive bright optics or you gonna miss the focus most of the time a bit at list but final result looks nasty enough while using fast high quality lens wide opened or it might take few seconds to focus precise and few seconds is long enough to miss smile or interesting mimics, composition etc.

For parties and similar low light candids I would bet on Nikon DSLR with good zoom lens.

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