Need some basic advice on LR 4 & NX2

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Re: Need some basic advice on LR 4 & NX2

Yours are excellent questions. NX is a tool that is for editing and is comparable in that regard to Photoshop. Lightroom is a hybrid tool that is designed for organizing collections of images (logical collections that can ignore folder locations of the source files) and for limited image editing.

The capabilities of LR for image editing have been expanded so much over the years that it is now all that is needed for general image editing and it is fast to use. But it does require a specific workflow which many people like and I am one of a likely minority it preferring to setup a different process for managing my images.

NX is Nikon's own in house created image editor and it is superior to Photoshop and to Lightroom which are reverse engineered by Adobe's people. If you shoot RAW and want to get 100% of the available image quality from the file then NX is the best choice. I have processed files with banding problems when opened in Photoshop that did not display this problem when opened in NX. I expect people with the D800E will experience a similar improvement in RAW file conversion using Nikon's software over those of third parties.

It is possible to download a trial version of Lightroom and try it out for yourself and see if it what you want. There are also a lot more books on Lightroom than for Capture NX and this is also an important consideration (same holds true for Photoshop).

Lightroom would be fine most likely for 90% of your images and you can always use NX for the remaining 10% on an exception basis. I do this by using Photoshop for the majority of my image files and Capture NX 2 for the remainder.

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