Why I like the Fujifilm X10 (from a Canon 5D MKII shooter)

Started Mar 21, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Why I like the Fujifilm X10 (from a Canon 5D MKII shooter)

I was out with the X10 this morning in Cuzcos busy and bustling market square. The place was hectic in the morning with the stink of fresh fish, traffic, shoppers and general chaos. Fantastic! The camera securely fastened to my wrist. Not as noticeable than if it had been around my neck. I found myself using it in two ways:

1) Either holding it at stomach height and shooting away - adjusting the zoom accordingly. If the subject was moving towards me, this is what I generally did.

2) Using the viewfinder. i.e. raising it quickly to my eyes and firing away

The key is to keep moving. I tend to shoot quickly and move on. Not hang about as people start noticing you and you lose those natural shots. I find that the X10 can keep up with me. Many good shots. The viewfinder only shows 85% - but, with pratice, you learn to compose accordingly.

As you rightly pointed out - it has brought the fun back into street photography.

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