Why did Obama insist on making Afghanistan a big war?

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Re: Cheney made him do it....

mamallama wrote:

JoeDaBassPlayer wrote:

Henry Schobin wrote:

No wait, it is Bush's fault.
No wait, the Republicans tricked him into it.
No wait, it was his "typical white person" grandmother that made him do it.

Let me think. We got a new president that promised hope and change. He kept he same Defense Secretary. He kept the same Chairman of the Fed. He continued the Patriot Act and is trying to get us into even more wars.

He made enough changes that the job situation has drastically improved and the stock markets have more than doubled from the freefall left by Bush.

We are still in a freefall. The stock market is in an artificial bubble due to the free money from the fed. No real jobs are being created and gas is taking off again in price.

If he wanted to make real changes, end derivatives, naked trading and the Fed. Of course he will not, since that would hurt his buddies but help us.

http://chart.finance.yahoo.com/c/5y/_/_dji?lang=en-US ®ion=US

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