DPReview could do more, I think.

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DPReview could do more, I think.

I have been using Lightroom for several years. Only recently have I started using Lens Profiles and Camera Profiles. These two features are present in Lightroom, Photoshop, and Adobe Camera Raw. Adobe provides free tools that allow people to make new lens profiles and camera profiles:



You need a certain amount of expertise and equipment, such as camera stands and lights, to use these free tools. DPReview certainly has the tools and expertise. Why are they not making lens profiles and camera profiles? The profiles would be tremendously beneficial for photographers using Adobe software.

In reviews here, I read things like, "there was some vignetting and barrel distortion at the wide end..." Well, why not make a lens profile that fixes it?

Another statement I see in reviews: "... JPEG photos have great color and tonality, as is typical with this manufacturer ... you may want to shoot JPEG instead of RAW just for the great colors..." Well then, why doesn't DPReview make a camera profile that has great colors and tonality?

I can think of several answers to my two questions:

1. It takes more time.

  • True, but how much time will it add to a typical review? 20 percent more time might be worth taking for some cameras, although not necessarily for all cameras.

2. Not all readers use Adobe products.

  • True, but I suspect that a large majority do use them.

3. DPReview could come up with camera profiles that make your Panasonic camera photos look like they came from a Canon or Olympus camera, etc.

  • DPReview could come up with their own look, and publish those camera profiles for each camera: DPR neutral, DPR vivid, DPR standard, maybe a couple more.

4. The camera companies might get mad.

  • True. Camera companies spend a lot of time trying to convince people of how different their cameras are, both from their other models and from competitors' models. If many of the differences can be erased with camera and lens profiles, that would probably upset the camera companies.

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