Canon 5D3 fixes Banding Issue!!

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Re: Troll, troll again

Ding, Ding, Ding!!! A couple people here get it!!

The original post is obviously a ridiculous made up example. If you take this crap seriously, you might want to up your health insurance and life insurance, cuz heart attacks are in your future.

Dareshooter wrote:

stephenmelvin wrote:

You tried this a week ago and got no response. Your trolling skills need more practice.

Where's your sense of humor Stephen?take your photography seriously by all means

but not yourself,life's to short.The OP I'm sure is just having a little fun at the expense of the the real trolls and whiners,and why not,it's all got a little heavy around here lately.

Regards DS

AngryCorgi wrote:

Canon has issued a complete solution for the 5D2 shadow noise banding issue. The "Fill Light", "Shadows", "Exposure", and "Brightness" sliders in all Adobe products will now be disbaled upon detection of the 5D2 in the EXIF of a RAW image.

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