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Re: From Nikon ... to Canon ... to Sony

I have the older version of the 200mm 2.8 and it does focus extremely fast. The difference once I put on a teleconvertor is quite noticeable but then that isn't a Sony Specific thing. The performance of my other lenses is not so great though.

liquid stereo wrote:
The Canon 60D AF performance is not really comparable to the Canon 7D.

The 7D is light years ahead of the A700. But the camera is only part of the solution. The lenses are very important as well. Sony does not have seriously-fast focusing lenses. The only one that's relatively fast is the 70-200/2.8 SSM G. Its easy to mistake quiet for fast. The fastest focusing A-mount lens I've used is the 200/2.8 APO G (HS). If all A-mount lenses were that fast then the lens part would be less of a factor but alas...

Bexter wrote:

Thanks for the information. I am comparing with my brothers Canon 7D, so I'd guess the 60D's auto focus should be quite similar. The 7D is definitely quite superior when it comes to Auto focus compared to my A700 so I would be interested to hear how it may compare to the new A77.

ChristopherKnapp wrote:

I have found the focus to be very fast, likely due to the phase detection as opposed to contrast detection etc. The A77 has an even better system in place, and more cross-type sensors as well, so I would imagine it to be very good.

I had heard of some talk that in low-light the AF was slow, I have not experienced such issues. I have the latest firmware installed on the camera. Perhaps that plays a role?

My primary camera was a Nikon D3s, so it is as though I am coming from the mid-range either. Also, my Canon setup was a 60D. So that gives you some idea regarding the comparisons.

I will report back again once I have tested it in "real world" environments, however, I think I am going to be pleasantly surprised.

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