K-01 AF with DA 70 / FA 77: How bad is it?

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K-01 AF with DA 70 / FA 77: How bad is it?

Hello early adopters,

I am looking for an upgrade from my LX-5, in particular for shallow DOF portraits and low-light candids at social events (LX-5 frankly packs a lot punch (per volume) for landscape stuff, despite lower dynamic range). I've bought a used NX10 + 30mm but the high iso are really quite limiting (and there is no NX tele pancake announced yet).

If possible, I would like to avoid the classical DSLR look, so I'm looking at different mirrorless systems.
M43: smaller sensor than APSC, whereas I'm looking for shallow DOF
NX200: 55mm pancake still not announced

NEX: not a fan (available AF lenses below Pentax ltd quality (& price) + I'm not a fan of the look
Fuji: looks nice but quite pricey and bad press on AF

K01: might fit the bill (with a DA 70 / FA 77 + potentially the FA 43 in addition to the XS 40 to gain around 1 stop) but I am afraid I'll be frustrated with AF in low light.

Of course switching to MF + focus peaking is always an option, but then I might as well get some old MF glass.

So, what are the experience of the early adopters on this forum with the 43 / 70 77?

I know there has been some bad feedback on K-01 + zooms at the long end, but I would hope that the faster aperture on the limiteds would somewhat help here.

If it's really bad I might get a K5 at the current fantastic prices or wait for the Kr successor, hopefully with the K5 sensor, or simply stick to my LX5 and wait for the perfect camera to come out later...

PS Yes of course I am biased towards Pentax, who wouldn't love to have an excuse to get his hands on some of these limiteds ??

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