X-Pro 1: first impressions from a X100 user

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X-Pro 1: first impressions from a X100 user

After using and mostly loving the X100 for almost 1 year now, I got the X-Pro 1 yesterday.

Although the AF and MF have improved on the X100 through regular FW updates, they still are my main gripe. I just seem to use the X100 in a way that the AF and to me useless MF keep on frustrating me.

I was hoping for an improvement in AF and MF in the X-Pro 1 and therefore pulled the trigger without having tried it before.

And after all - reviews are nice but if a certain camera works good enough for you is totally subjective. So everyone will have to decide for them selfes.

Here are my first impressions:

  • The X100 in silver black is prettier to look at

  • The X100 OVF seem a bit bigger. I wear glasses and seem to have more visible space to the sides of the actual image when looking through the X100. But looking through the X-Pro 1 I still see the whole frame, just less black space to the sides.

  • The X-Pro 1 EVF seems to be better and less smeared

  • The X-Pro 1 is light, yet it has a very good fit and finish. Just as the X100 is lighter than it looks (at least to a Leica user) so does the X-Pro 1. I really like weight of the X-Pro 1! I have a heavy DSLR that I enjoy leaving at home when I'm out strolling and shooting all day.

  • The lenses are very well made but also very light. Even lighter than my comparable Olympus OM-4 Ti lenses. The lenses screw in very tight onto the mount. I was surprised at how much pressure I have to apply to screw the lens (both 18mm and 35mm) in. It makes my Canon "L" lenses feel like they have too much play...

  • The AF is more accurate in low light than the X100's. It still is no phase detection DSLR grade AF. So if that is what you're after, don't get the X-Pro 1. You will still miss focus. But if you have gotten used to making the most out of the X100's AF (aim for contrasty edges like in the good old split screen indicator days), you will see the improvement of the X-Pro 1. I have tried low light indoor scenes last night and have locked many scened that the X100 is just not capable of. Big relief for me

  • The MF is, compared to the X100, a big improvement. Now again, this is not a manual M or OM lens! This is an electronically controlled focus set up. I have the feeling, that the ambient light does not seem to play as big of a role in MF as it does in the X100. When it was too dark to AF the X100 the MF also did not have enough light to register and translate the turning of the focus ring into movement. The X-Pro 1 managed to move the focus point even in low light last night. Pre focus AF-L - magnify and then twist to best sharpness worked really well. To me, this is really a big improvement and MF is now usable. Although M9 users will still frown at it...

  • The menues and buttons are redesigned. I will need a few days to get the muscle memory adjusted from the X100, but everything makes more sense.

  • Lastly image quality: I have seen some good and some bad full size samples here on flickr. It is hard to judge how good a camera is if you have to judge it by someone else who uses it. I have not shoot a whole lot yet, but from what I have seen, the X-Pro 1 with 35mm rivales my 5D MK II in IQ! I currently shoot the X-Pro 1 only in JPEG (as I have done with the X100) but will give the RAW a try once LightRoom supports it.

  • Biggest gripe on the X-Pro 1 so far: You can not select a preferred minimum shutter time in Auto ISO. It seems like the X-Pro 1 aims for 1/52s on the 35mm lens in low light, but I would like it to be 1/125s for moving subjects. I really hope this will be a feature the is added later as the 1 divided by focal length times crop factor is good for landscape and still objects but not for moving subjects!

Here is a sample image from yesterday - click on "Original" above the image to download the 16MPix full file:


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