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Re: I'm not sure how to put this...

papillon_65 wrote:

but what's with the "I own a D700 so I must be a serious photographer" thing going on here? Since when did owning any camera correspond with the ability to take great images? It kind of sounds like " I own a D700 so you need to take me seriously" lol.

99% of the users on these forums will take images only for themselves (and their friends and their family). So whether or not they take great photos is pointless.

I've always said .. unless you do photography for a job, the only person who care about whether your photos look good is yourself.

So my point was, I've always been extremely happy using a D700, and it's been the camera I've carried everywhere since 2008. The Nex is the first alternative that is so much more smaller, yet gives me (in my own perception) results I'd expect from a d-SLR

I mean, I'm still going to use the D700 & F2.8 telephoto for the kids soccer game at night with crappy ambient lighting, but for traveling & going outside ...Nex is so nice.

And I know there's other people like me lurking on this forum, I was one of them 5 days ago

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