A Moiré Example (Landscape shot from a MF Back)

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A Moiré Example (Landscape shot from a MF Back)

While we wait for the D800E to ship....

I started this thread for those who may not have any experience with camera's lacking an AA filter. The detail that is had from such a setup is astounding. But, be warned, the artifacts that may show up are equally astounding.

In my experience, most shots (landscape) will not suffer from drastic false color and moiré artifacts. But, given certain images with the ideal frequency of details, it can be an ugly and time consuming artifact to remove. Additionally, it has been my experience that images with strong contrasting diagonals (shot on sensors without low pass filters) will have a higher propensity to have a "stair step" effect, that only gets worse with processing. I quickly grabbed a couple of screen shots and supplied a hi-res jpeg file you can look at.

There are many variables that create the artifacts, and I'm sure Nikon has done their homework in trying to minimize them in processing, globally and locally in post. But, not everyone uses Nikon software to process their images. Capture One has addressed this in their software for years, as well as Phocus, and Capture Shop (Sinar). Adobe has recently added moiré correction to their post processing tools as well. So the fix is there, setting up the shot and knowing subject matter that has a high likelihood to moiré is handy too.

Once again, I'm no scientist, or genius on sensors, processing, or the likes. But many, like myself, are trying to make a decision on which camera is a better fit for their needs. I happen to print my images quite large, I also tend to post process my images more than most (which can bring out the artifacts even more so).

36 megapixels is a staggering amount of detail. The D800E offers even more acuity, but at a price. IMHO most people probably don't need all that detail, but, it sure gives you bragging rights when lined up with two dozen other photographers photographing on the same bridge at a Zion sunset, or at a kids soccer match. (that's a joke)

Maybe this picture(s) will give you a little more insight into a real world image and the possible artifacts that could become apparent.

Shot with a Hasselblad 555ELD, Phase One H20 Back, Distagon CFI 40mm lens.

Full Resolution JPEG (20mb)


Some of the Best Luxury Landscape & Nature Photography in the World

Nikon D800E Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H20
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