DSLR Magazine's Review of E-M5

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Re: DSLR Magazine's Review of E-M5

Its saying that the OM-D files have very low noise, one of the best performances from a M43/43 system but it doesn´t produce files with significantly more detail than the 12mp sensor ie. the low noise has been achieved at the expense of detail. The file quality is at least as good as the APS-C D7000 but not as good as the XPro1. The general tone seems positive while wishing the MP bump could have been lead to a real resolution rather than file size gain but it seems to think that Oly have positioned themselves well in the advanced amateur market with this one.

Something along those lines. DSLR mag tend to express themselves in quite a long winded way at times and Ive only just woken up so it was quite hard to take it all in. If I was more awake I´d have given a better summary.....

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