Have Canon made a huge mistake?

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Re: New users will choose Nikon

BadBeta wrote:

Nikon's offer is superior for all but FPS and possibly extreme ISO.

Oh really, let me see. Nikon is fat, slow, compromise vf/fps and inferior video codec. A beginner would have to spend $600 grip, $140 for NX2, and $1000 plus uncompressed HDMI out rig. Good luck in processing +200 nef in a 7i dual core cpu. usb 3 is not supported by sandy bridge so your going to have to upgrade to the up coming ivy bride with a minimum kepler gpu, another $1500 damage to the wallet!

single shot and 3fps silent mode vs no silent mode
61 af pts vs 51 af pts.
41 x-types vs 15 x-types
6fps at 100% vf vs 6fps at 1.5x($600 grip required)

Raw, mRaw, sRaw are all at 100% vf vs loseless, lousy, tiff are in dx vf(no raw adjustment)
950 batt. life vs 850 batt. life
950g vs 1020g
gasket sealing vs dental floss sealling
1040k lcd vs 921k lcd
no pop up flash vs pop up flash protruding to block pc-e lenses
1080p at 24p, 25p, 30p vs uncompressed HDMI 1080i (+$1000 external HDMI rig)
ALL-I vs mpeg-4
histogram in video vs none
ca fix in video vs none
timecode vs none
64 level step audio vs none
multi-exposure vs none
new shutter mirror box to reduce vibration vs 5 yrs. old shutter mirror
DPP's new dlo and lense softness free vs old NX-2 sold for $140
burst rate 18 cr2 vs 8 nef

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