Wide angle Lens Suggestions?

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Version that works on D5100 shipping soon...

stasvolik wrote:

AFAIK, Tokina won't AF on D5100

Good point.

Tokina is pretty slow with these things. I remember them announcing they're upgrading the lens with an internal motor so that it works on the Nikon D3100, D5100, etc.

I thought it would be out by now, but when I dug up the announcement, they say April.


I'm not sure how important that is for club shooting in general

You'd be surprised how important it is when you're doing those surreal "in your face" ultrawide shots at f2.8.

and OP in particular. Maybe the new Sigma 10-20F/3.5 would fill the bill better - it's HSM lens after all and loses only half a stop to Tokina. It requires large filters (82mm IIRC), but protective filters are not as expensive as polarizers...

Joseph S Wisniewski wrote:

Shinjitago wrote:

Hello, I am looking for suggestions on a wide-angle(non-fisheye) Fast zoom lens, I take photography at really dark clubs/areas using a Nikon D5100 accompanied with a sb-700 flash with a Gary Fong(Clouded) attachment.


.... Normally, I don't use protective filters, but clubs are an exception. Here's a couple to consider...

  • Tokina 11-16mm f2.8, about $700 new.


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Comments and critiques are always welcome .


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