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Don't expect too much price decline on used D3s near future

Like the OP - I too was swayed toward the D800 due to the fascination the concept of 3 cameras in one camera - a full frame 36 MP, a DX 16 MP and a full frame easier to use than D3s 1080p video camera. At the same time lighter than my D3s. But now have swayed back to the reasons I bought the D3s in the first place - among the best high ISO (yesterday's DPREVIEW samples of D800 did not impress me about the D800 high ISO), speed, integrated vertical grip, ease of use, etc. Today's Thom Hogan's article also was suggesting that he thought that there was not much difference between D4 and D3s for high ISO - and that the D4 was better at high ISO than D800 - especially the following sentences:

"At some higher ISO value, there will be a crossover point where the D4 image will be better than the downsampled D800 one. I've seen people speculating that this could be really really high, like ISO 12,800, but when I look at their samples, I don't see what they see (plus the samples themselves have issues)."

So what I am saying is that like me many folks may not jump from D3s to either D4 (not much improvement + some things they may not be thrilled about like second different card type) or D800 (not as good as their camera for one of the key feature that they bought their D3s over either D700 or D3). I already see that on local craigslist while there was an initial rush to sell after D4 and D800 announced - it has completely stopped since then. It will pick up some when some d3s owners get their replacement D4 and D800s - but I doubt if there will be a flood of D3s cameras on the used market. In fact some who sold the D3s in anticipation of D800/D4 before a big price drop - may get back a used D3s after discovering that not all of their lives problems or world peace have been solved by the new D800/D4.

nadjap wrote:

I observe D3s average used prices falling rapidly in the last 2,3 weeks. At the beginning of 2012, they still noted at about 3.400-3.500 EUR, now they are more at about 3.100-3.300 EUR.

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