What's the deal with NIKON YELLOW CAST - HELP!

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Re: What's the deal

bob elkind wrote:

Iliah Borg wrote:

Btw, there are more important problems with this image than cast.

Are you referring implicitly to

  • the bump on her left cheek

  • scar above her right eyebrow

  • hair straggles

  • odd-coloured edges of her irises (see eyes)

  • moire patterns (plural) in her veil

  • front teeth seem uncentred with respect to her nose and lips

  • left earring is unnaturally 'lit' in an area which is otherwise somewhat shadowed

  • black hair which turns into brunette below her shoulders

Did I miss anything, Iliah?

Some unwanted pigmenting on the skin; and I'm not going to discuss the posing.

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