Steve Huff, K 01?

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Re: Steve Huff, K 01?

I thought his review was fair - He felt the LCD compared olympus cameras is not that good in outdoor, thats why he bitched about it fair enough
He was happy with image and video quality
He stressed that for him ergonomics is not great

Looking at forums everywhere people feel strongly about K-01 design - either for or against, he falls in other category

Given that nex cameras are II generation already with optional evf etc, it is natural that people will compare and contrast

I have seen so many people within pentax forums themselves are upset with not being able to have EVF - I used panasonic Tz-5 some 5 years ago, it was horrible composing with LCD in bright daylight, we took our son to a fair, we had trouble taking pics, otherwise it was okay

Guys like Steve Huff do not use controlled circumstances for review/ so if he starts outdoor, he is definitely going to be bogged by lcd glare, sometimes it is very hard to go past the initial impressions, thats where dpreview/ IR sites are useful where they cover all circumstances

Given that pentax comes after sony/olympus/ panasonic, they should have provided all the eco system to remove the questions

It is not that hard to have provided those accessories

I also wish that Pentax has announced additional XS lenses at K-01 announcement itself, those lenses could have been build for silent/ fast AF

But lets cut Pentax some slack, K-02 will be K-01 Mk1 hopefully

Until then, panning reviewers like Steve Huff might make him avoid doing Pentax reviews

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