B&H rant... I am done!

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B&H rant... I am done!

Been there many times as I live in Brooklyn. It's good for the men's room, water, sometimes they give out pepsi, free candy. And yes, you could grope any camera you like. However, after today's nonesense... I am done with B&H!!!

They like to treat patrons as common thieves as they make anyone with a bag check them in. Strangely, not a single Best Buy, PC Richards, nor J&R have that policy. Ifcourse, you waste time on line to do that. There is always an armed cop hanging out at B&H for some reason.

So I was looking to pick up an SD card and a 50spindle DVD-Rs. What a mess; I guess patrons misplace the stuff so you end up guessing which price fits what.

Try getting a green jacket to help you. Ok, so finally one came up, checked the price of a pack of DVDs, and handed it back to me. ok, so I proceed to walk downstairs to the cashier but was stopped as I didnt have a print out. I say huh?

Had to wait for a salesman again to print out my order, then the guy took my stuff and told me to pay first. ok.

so I go downstairs, wait on line to pay, give him the printout, he gives me the receipt, and then... wait for it.. I have to yet again wait on the pickup line to get my stuff. ok. then I have to... yes, you guessed it... wait on line to pick up my bag.
boy, I am tired of just talking about this whole experience.
Oh, and I did save $2 over BestBuy's price!
rant over.

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