The OM-D E-M5 is upon us. Has the Nex lost its chance?

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Re: The OM-D E-M5 is upon us. Has the Nex lost its chance?

Yanisha wrote in regard to my post:

Sounds like you are saying stay away from Sony Alpha also then. It is also easy to get "sucked in by the idea" of 24mp sensors or small bodies or a nice EVF or using legacy lenses or focus peaking or whatever. I tried to make some sense of your post, but couldn't.--

I realize that unless you are familiar with the Olympus situation that my comment could be misunderstood. As far as the Sony Alpha system it is just about perfect as far as the features go. I believe the in body stabilization is the only way to go. That is why I bought all the Olympus 4/3 equipment which they pushed for a couple of years and then dumped. It is Olympus I was cautioning about. Their business practices are disappointing at best and downright criminal at worst. Their 4/3 lenses are wonderful glass. There just aren't any new cameras to use them on. They can be adapted to the micro 4/3 but only to that and in a brain damaged fashion. That is pretty limiting. Legacy lenses from Sony, Nikon, Canon, and virtually everyone else but the micro 4/3 companies can live on and be used via adapters on other cameras. I have $4000 worth of book ends.

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