RAW Analysis: E-M5 / GH2 / GX1 / G3

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Re: RAW Analysis: E-M5 / GH2 / GX1 / G3

Detail Man wrote:

So, it's not "magic" ... it's the fact that the E-M5 is literally throwing away almost everything that is lower than 4.0 EV ("stops", "bits") below it's absolute maximum RAW-level (at ISO=200) of 4049 RAW levels, and then A/D Converting what is left into 12 bits. Not at all unlike when a user leaves the Black control in LR/CR at the default value (in 3.x/6.x, anyway) of 5, and then chortles about how little image-noise is visible, and as a result (naively) imagines that "Dynamic Range" has been enhanced (or somehow magically created out of nothing). Nothing but an illusion , plain and simple.

Nope ! E-M5 records 4096-254=3842 levels instead of 4096. Do your math, it's 11.9 bits resolution instead of 12 bits, so 0.1 bit lost ... Big deal

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