Nex-5N .... comments from a D700 user

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Nex-5N .... comments from a D700 user

Well, since I trolled this forum before buying a 5N ... figured I'd post here

I'm a hobbyist photographer, who uses a D700 with mainly 24-70mm F/2.8 and 70/200mm F2.8 lenses, and some primes (50mm, 85mm, and 105mm macro)

I love the D700 and I get killer photos with it .

Bought a Nex-5N with kit 18-55 because mainly I'm tired of lugging the heavy Kata bag with Nikon stuff in it.

I'm not a pro-reviewer, and I haven't compared with the 4/3 cameras, but I'm in love with the Nex camera. The last Sony camera I bought was an HX5v and quite frankly, being used to a D700 with quality glass, I really hated most of my photos that were taken with it. There's a couple family outings we did with only the HX5V and I've regretted not bringing my D700 ....

The Nex-5N however gives me shots similar to what I'd expect with any d-SLR & kit lenses. Video filming is pretty neat too, especially indoors (I'm used to a Sony HD 1080p Camcorder which kills the colors whenever we're inside ..). the video image quality is awesome with the Nex.

The menus sort of suck, but it's no game stopper. Not really more complicated than fiddling with all d-SLR menus just need to learn by heart where each option is

So bottom line is: this camera won't replace my D700 ...far from it. However it's certainly going to replace it whenever I'm going somewhere I don't want to haul the heavy stuff ... 4 years ago I went on a cruise trip and ended up using a Nikon D200 with 50mm lens on it most of the time. If I were to go on a cruise now D700 would stay home and I'd only bring the Nex Camera with a couple of lenses (mainly the 50mm F1.8 OSS). I'd forgotten how nice it was to carry a lightweight kit ...two thumbs up for the Nex camera system. I plan on buying the 55-200mm lens and the 50mm F1.8 as well. I'll have a small & lightweight backpack that will have the equal weight of a body-only D700 and quite frankly, it's all that matters to me when I'm going away atm.

One last thing: I've also considered a small d-SLR like a D5100 with kit lens for walkarounds (since I've got Nikon glass...). Seriously it's not the same ... Nex is so much smaller ...

P.S: I sort of dislike Alpha cameras (compared to Nikon). But to me the Nex cameras is what the Nikon 1 system should have been ...

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