DPR will have to change their samples targets.

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Re: DPR will have to change their samples targets.

Macx wrote:

I used the calculator at Cambridge in Colour for the following table:

Diffraction limits (Output size of 10 inches at 25 cm viewing distance):

f/22: 1.7Megapixels
f/16: 3.0M
f/11: 6.5M
f/8: 12.1M
f/5.6: 25M
f/4: 49.5M

Full frame 135
f/22: 6.2M
f/16: 11.8M
f/11: 25.1M
f/8: 47M
f/5.6: 98M
f/4: 190M

The four-thirds two stop advantage in depth of field seems to correspond fairly evenly with the diffraction limit advantage of the full frame 135 format. In other words, for the same angle of view and at the same depth of field, there is little or no diffraction limit difference between the two sensor sizes.

Effect of diffraction is very clear at Photozone.de when they are testing macros (down to f/22 or F/32)

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