Dynamic Range (Bill Claff): d3s-d4-d800e-5d3

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Re: Effect on ACF

Marianne Oelund wrote:

ejmartin wrote:

If there is NR affecting enough pixels to significantly change the observed std dev, it should show up in the autocorrelation of the raw data.

Since the data is still mostly random after HPS treatment, it's hard to see the change in the ACF, especially since I cannot obtain the same image pre- and post-HPS.

However, taking the RMS of the variance-normalized ACF results, there is a tendency for it to rise after HPS.

If the noise were truly random before outlier suppression, the result would be visible as an autocorrelation of near neighbors; but I suppose that could be masked by pattern noise and other such effects that also show as autocorrelation of the data.

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