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Hi guys,

I've lived both sides of the pond and regularly visit the US. I have been into Ritz (in several cities) and Jessops and have to say that although Jessops is not great, it really is nowhere near as bad as Ritz. Jessops in Oxford or Reading (two close cities) have way more stock than the Ritz stores I've been to.


Jeff Peterman wrote:

I've no idea what "Ritz Camera" is like, any more than you know what Jessops are like, all I know is that, if their price was right, I'd have no problem dealing with Jessops again.

I visit family in the UK at least once a year, and have probably stopped in at a Jessops at least once every two years. When was the last time you went to Ritz?

Note that they may have a few "signature" stores that have a lot of stock on display, but all the ones I've seen recently have been about the same as a typical Ritz store in the US - only much more expensive (but that's not their fault).
Jeff Peterman

Any insults, implied anger, bad grammar and bad spelling, are entirely unintentionalal. Sorry.

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