Which manual long lens ?

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Re: Which manual long lens ?

The Canon and 2x extender gives you the option of two available focal length:

200mm @ f/2.8 (w/o extender) and 400mm @ f/5.6 (with extender). This could be more versatile. Also, without the extender, you have a f/2.8 aperture, which is more usable under wider range of light conditions.

To get that 400mm focal length with the Canon, you're going to have have that big f/2.8 lens + 2x adapter + micro 4/3 adapter. That combo is going to be much bigger and heavier than the 400mm Tokina + micro 4/3 adapter.

If I recall, both lenses has a tripod adapter attached to the lens, which you're going to need.

Bottomline: Canon + 2x combo offers two focal lengths: 200mm (w/o extender) and 400mm (with extender), albeit a bigger and heavier package.

At 400mm, the Tokina will offer a smaller package than the Canon + 2x extender, but you have only the 400mm to play with.

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