NEX-7 owners - are native lenses any good?

Started Mar 20, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: In defence of the 18-55

Thank you for the comparison, I was surprise that the NEX 18-55 does so well compared to the Canon 24-105L at least at f8. Even at my 20" monitor (not pixel peaking), it looks like the Canon is showing a hint of CA at the corner. But when I pp, it is definitely there. Maybe lens correction was applied to the NEX picture. Overall, even at full screen view, I see more detail with the NEX. However it could be the NEX is at 55mm which equate to 82.5mm as compare to 75mm for the Canon.

I am planning to upgrade to the 7 and your comparison would help me toward that since I have a reasonably good SEL 18-55.

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