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In several posts here (and on the Fuji pages) I have seen that people are talking about how many photographers must have the latest and the "best". Many of them are commenting on all the bad sides of a new camera, peeping in every corner of an image (literally) to see if they can find a little bit of this and that.

I have always bought the best I could have, within my economic reach. Now that my half professional era is over, I am thinking about selling most of my heavy Olympus equipment, and make the whole thing more minimalistic. One camera, and maybe only two lenses? And since most of my images today are for the web or webbased books, I don1t think I need to buy from the top shelf. Not because I am not interested in quality, but because I think too many of us are prone to overkill.

I think maybe, and this is where my brains are working overtime these days, that I could manage well with the Panasonic 14-45mm lens in 75% of my photography. But what camera should I put in on? I don't like EVF (yet). But I do want a viewfinder in the camera.

My hope is that Fuji or Olympus come up with simpler versions of their X Pro 1 and OM-D with good viewfinders and at a bit lower prices.

What do you think? Are too many of us obsessed with the top gear, when something simpler might be good enough for our personal photography?

(For the moment I am closest to OM-D with the 12mm and the 45mm, or the X Pro 1 with two or three lenses).

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