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Re: Dpreview test samples

I type fast (and normally in one long sentence) so this is longer then I intended... sry about that. feel free to pick it apart but this is the conclusion i have reached and once reached I know how stubborn I can be.

Until you try it you wont realized how effective the focus technique is. The images look great.

I own an nex-5. Even if you disagree 100% about the lens comment, you know what I mean (native lens (I even would even say any Sony/Minolta lens that works with the converter could be considered native but I would prefer true native lens)). p.s. I even made a dream nex lens mock up bc i feel the system has great potential (its posted someplace on the forums)

You are looking at the shadow gradient of the JPEG.

I have the raw files. I DLed them right after they came out some time ago as the nex-7 is an interest to me.

as for sharpness alone yes the difference is minor, so minor (and disputable) in fact that I would not buy the D800 over the nex-7. And in no way do I think this test shows conclusively that the D800 is sharper, but the sensor size does proved natively higher sharpness (and over all with this test I still feel the D800 is sharper).

I am not even big on dissecting test images I feel that even a low mp picture can provide the IQ needed for most clients (even with a poor lens). I got the nex-5 as i felt that kind of camera could not get much smaller, and I have pre-ordered the D800 as I feel that high MP count like 20 or in this case 36mp will be viable in clients eyes much longer then a 12 or 16mp. I believe (after years of seeing it 1st hand) that clients perception of gain is higher then the true gain when increasing the mp.

it is also constant to see that there is not much of a difference between a APS and 35mm camera with sensors made in the same time frame, just as there was only a minor difference between the D2x and 1ds II (or d1x vs 1ds) when they came out. Even back then there were conflicting views of with provided better IQ/sharpness.

But in the end for me it comes back to the client and what they have the knowledge to expect, you can only educate them so far. That is not to say I do not desire to have a better camera. I have no doubt that if I was buying a camera solely for my clients I would of gotten a D400 (assuming 24mp). But I will enjoy the VF more and I will enjoy using my T/S and super telephoto more with this camera. as for the native sharpness I have seen it improve my old long telephoto lens but apart from that I dont care that much.

Thank you for the conversation.

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