DPR will have to change their samples targets.

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Re: DPR will have to change their samples targets.

Louis_Dobson wrote:

Works up to (say) 16MP, but with greater MP counts the depth of field required is too much - diffraction sets in at the required apertures.

Much puzzling in the MFT why the OM-D has the same visible res as the D800 before the obvious struck us. At f6.3 on the 50mm and f11 on the 85mm the OM-D and D800 were both offering around 16MP. However, that's the limit of the OM-D, and the Nikon could have done better.

And, if MP counts are going to go much above 16, we are all going to have to change our shooting styles. Wave goodbye to DoF or lose the new high res.

Yes 36MP and 16MP should not look "the same"

Nikon D800 and D7000 or the other way...

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