Leica X2 would be a hit.

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Re: Stevielee X2 would be a hit.

They will NOT make three different cameras. And no, it's not a matter of simply "slapping on a different lens". They have to develop the lenses and make them work with the body. Not cheap. In that case, they're going to be competing with the XPro1, which is designed to compete with the M9. So you basically want a whole new camera. If you want your X2 with different lenses, you have your choice right now, and it's Fuji.

The X1 is a completely different camera and I don't see how it won't be around 35mm equivalent. It taps into the people that want that focal length, for which there appears to be a lot of.

To more closely describe what you want, there are plenty of mirrorless alternatives, from u4/3, to Pentax's offerings. You just buy one lens and there's your X2 with your lens choice. Unless the red dot is what it's about.

Nelson Yung wrote:

X1 design is great at the moment. I love it very much but X2 need to improve fast auto focus and Hi ISO. If Leica could have the following body option will perfect.

I would like X2 will have 2 to 3 lens options.

1. 18mm(24mm) fixed lens X2,

2. 24mm(35mm) fixed lens X2,

3. 60mm(90mm) micro lens X2.

No need to switch lens to the camera body like M series.

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