NEX 5N vs Nikon D5100

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NEX 5N vs Nikon D5100

Hey everyone!

This is a pretty though question for a first-time poster I must say! And I know it has been discussed before, but my situation is a bit different!

Anyhow, this is my situation:

I'm in the market for a new camera and I narrowed the choice down to the Sony NEX 5n or the Nikon D5100 since they both have a wicked sensor. I actually want a camera that can take great pictures at "auto mode", is compact and light (so I can easily take it with me), but takes great pictures nonetheless. You might say: "if you want a compact camera, chose the Sony". But the decision is a bit harder than that.

My father has been a hobbyist photographer for his whole life, so he has a nice and decent collection of Nikon lenses. I'm allowed to borrow most of them (a 70-300, 16-85, 35 prime, 50 prime, 85 prime,...) and 'have' the 18-200 VR.

Other than that my father has a Nikon D7000 I can use when I ask. I can't take it with me when I'm traveling though. But I'm allowed to use it when for ex. I want to shoot a play. AND he has a D70 he doesn't use with a little dust on the sensor I can take with me whenever I want (beach, traveling, doesn't matter!).

Since I 've set my budget at around 600 euro, not having to buy lenses (at first) when I buy the D5100 is a great advantage. But reading the comparison Dpreview gives, I found out that the NEX 5N is actually a bit better in low light than the D5100. And I love to take pictures in low light without a flash! + it's so much lighter and smaller! (insert frustration here )

The reason I'm looking into the NEX atm, is that I mostly "backpack" when I'm traveling. So the lighter the kit, the better I must say.

I did a little calculation and the D5100 + 18-200 would weigh 1kg200gr
The NEX-5N + 18-55 + 55-201 would weigh 830gr.
So the difference actually isn't THAT big...

I can't afford the 55-201 atm, but I know I'll be put off by the 55mm max with the kit lens. So I know in the end I'll save up and buy the 55-201.

But don't you guys think it would be stupid to buy the NEX? Since I got this many lenses (and flash and etc) at my disposal?

Or if you guys have any other suggestions for a compact light camera that takes great pictures?

Thanks in advance!!

ps: my mind is almost near explosion trying to figure out what's best for me!

pps: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for any mistakes that I made.
ppps: sorry for the long post

Nikon D5100 Nikon D70 Nikon D7000 Sony Alpha NEX-5N
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