Leica Rumors: M10 to be BW Camera

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Re: why waste the resolution of Leica lenses with low res. sensors?

BJL wrote:

Andreas Stuebs wrote:

... especially if they do not go for maximum number of true pixels but for dynamic range. 18Mp BW sensor - Full Frame - with superb DR.

18MP would not come close to making full use of the resolution that Leica lenses can deliver. For one thing, it still does not match the sharpness and detail given by fine grained B&W films like TMAX-100: 125lp/mm at a healthy 50% MTF (not just at the extinction resolution or the Rayleigh limit that partisans of films sometimes quote). Even without a Bayer CFA, matching that requires about 2 pixels per line pair, so 250 pixels per mm and 9000x6000 = 54MP in 35mm format.

Also, to repeat a frequently stated fact: DR from a high resolution sensor can be increased by downsampling, giving roughly the same DR at a lower pixel count as you would get from a sensor of that lower pixel count. Further, the perceived DR can be improved even more simply by printing at a higher PPI (same print size from cameras of different pixel counts), with the added virtue for the higher resolution sensor of reducing nasty digital artifacts like aliasing and jaggies in the prints. So there is little hope for true IQ gain from hobbling the resolution of the sensor.

Reference on TMAX-100:
Smaller lenses, better in low light, more telephoto reach:
you can have any two at one time.

You need a contrast of 1:1000 to get 125lp/mm but at 1:1.6 it is only 40.
1:1.6 is low but much more realistic if you are not working with repro

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