Top 3 favourites?!

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Re: Top 3 favourites?!

I'm only speaking of the lenses i've used (can't afford the new fast G primes or the holy trinity yet) :

1. 135/2 DC - portrait king under $2000, bar none. of course the 200/2 is superior but I ain't carrying that $5000 bazooka with me on a trip.

2. 105/2.8VR macro - extreme sharpness. i sold it because i realized i don't use macro that often, and it overlapped with my 135 lens.

3. 10-24DX - low cost light weight versatile ultra-wide zoom. The Tokina 11-16/2.8 vignettes too much for my personal liking, and it's more a "flexi prime" instead of a zoom (I won't really call something an useful zoom unless it's at least 2x zoom range). On DX, this is the one to get (of course with FX you have good choices to go around).

I'm really anticipating the rumored 28/1.8G.

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