Difference in low light ability on Canon DSLR's

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Re: Difference in low light ability on Canon DSLR's

SteveV4D wrote:

The Canon 5d Mark iii has been upgraded from the mark ii with what Canon have touted as better performance at higher ISO, at the sacrifice of having a load more pixels. Footage seen so far suggests there is truth to this claim. That said, the mark ii would still offer better ISO than the Rebel, mainly because the Full frame sensor captures more light than the smaller sensor of the Rebel as the Pixels are larger. That and better internal processing will allow for a superior image at larger ISO. The Mark III I'm told also reduces the heat generated by the camera during filming, something which can also generate noise.

Also be advised that some ISO settings are better than others. The natice ISO's for the Canon SLR's that I know of are 160, 320, 640 and possibily 1280. Having tests made, noise is actually lower on say 320 than 200.

Thank you. That is very useful information. I didn't realize that there was so much too reducing image noise. Having read what you posted it makes more sense to me now that the 5D III would be far superior to my 550D.

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