D800 high ISO raw crops edited in LR

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Raw MUST be procesed!

All files out of EVERY digital camera must be processed.

Either the camera does it for you according to your settings inside the camera using the camera's computer, or you finish the picture in your own computer using a program of your choice.

To say otherwise is a position of ignorance about the entire digital camera procedure.

The amount of processing can be controlled, and that is why people will say what has happened to the file they are displaying. Or it can be disguised as a "spin" by saying "straight out the camera JPG file" and that means the camera processed it to the settings in it's menu.

You ALWAYS get the true ability of a camera sensor from a RAW file, and someone who posts a jpg from a raw file and tells you what has been done to the file is on the ball. The "straight out of the camera" jpg is a cop-out as it implies an untouched file - when it certainly is not. It is Nikon's (Canon's, Olympus' etc) interpretation of the file.

Many people feel they can do better than the camera manufacturer at processing a file. The manufacturer has an agenda, we may have a different agenda in mind and why we either re-tune the jpg settings in camera - or - shoot RAW and finish the file in the computer.


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