Having second thoughts about EM-5 preorder...

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Having second thoughts about EM-5 preorder...

Hmm.. I have the opportunity to preorder the EM-5 via a hobbyist forum in my country, and though nothing is final thanks to a large group purchase we might be able to get as much as 20% off release price, which is pretty attractive (actually amounts to about the same thing as US price, but without the hassle of getting it over here, taxes, duty, and no valid guarantee).
I did apply on the list for a silver body only.

Now I'm having second thoughts (have not paid a dime yet) because I have a lovely GX-1 and all the sudden I'm not certain the EM-5 will be -in MY case- such an upgrade.

My reasons for wanting one are :

Plain camera lust (now that's out of the way, lol)

  • Built-in, quality EVF. So far I've been happy shooting via the LCD, but what about sunny days ?? I do NOT intend to add LVF-2 to my GX-1, expensive, bulky, ugly, no thanks. I'd rather change camera altogether and have one with built-in EVF that looks like it belongs there, not an add-on.

  • Useful and apparently reliable (since it already is on the previous Oly models) Eye Detection. I'm mostly a portrait shooter looking for thin DOF, so accurate focus on nearest eye is critical for me.

  • Possibly a tad faster AF-S than the GX-1 (from what I gather the EP-3 might be a bit better already than the Panny, which is no slouch, but the faster, the better).

Possibly (and this is a source of major doubt for me here) somewhat usable AF-C (my only real gripe with m4/3 so far, and YES I KNOW it's inherent to CD-AF). Olympus has heavily marketed that feature so I was in hope we would get real improvement here, but so far real life tests tend to be not very optimistic.

  • Dual wheels and even more external controls over GX-1. The more the better.

  • OLED tilt LCD. Never have used one before, but I'm only starting to shoot frame with the back screen on the GX-1 and it has open a world of angles I was unnaware of (DSLR shooter). Tilt screen seems pretty sleek for candids.

  • Full time LiveView feedback allowing to shoot in Manual Mode and always get exposure right. The GX-1 does that but there are niggles in the implementation and it's not as straightforward as with the EM-5 it seems.

  • Tweakable level curves in-camera with real time feeback. NICE.

  • Still small enough to go in my (large) purse. Cool retro look (even tough I totally adore the GX-1's look, it's just perfect for me).

  • World acclaimed jpeg engine (I shoot RAW + jpeg but nearly never process the RAWs, there's purely there for back-up in case of severe screw-up).

Not fond of the hump.

Slightly larger than GX-1 (but might balance better with announced future fast Panny zooms)

I'm a little affraid to fall for the hype and clever marketing. The price I'm hoping to get is very good and if I don't like the camera I could probably resell it immediately with either NO loss at all of even a small profit.

I'm affraid if I pass on this offer, and if the camera is a huge success, I'll need to wait quite a long time before the price falls to what I intially passed on.

Any thoughts ?

I'm of course not waiting for others to make buying decisions for me, but I'd be interested in your input if you are in a similar or close state of mind ?

Thx, Marla.

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