Photo with nephew - Color correction and general workflow

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Photo with nephew - Color correction and general workflow


I'm still relatively new to photography but have been working to improve my photo taking and post processing. So far, I've done much more with landscapes and travel photos than I have with portraits. Here's a photo of myself with my nephew that I just processed in the beta version of Lightroom 4. I'm very curious to see how someone else would process this photo and what the end results would look like. I have attached both the original jpg straight from the camera (I processed using the RAW file) and my edited version.

My workflow looked something like this:
-Crop the image
-Change white balance from auto to flash
-Increase the exposure, looking at the histogram and photo
-Increase the contrast

-Lower the highlights to ensure none of them are overexposed, watch the histogram
-Increase the shadows, watching the histogram
-Sharpen to about 90-ish
-Slight noise reduction

-Noticed the green was really overexposed after adjustment; lowered the luminance (first time doing this and not sure if it's the right thing to do. Green still overexposed, but better, imo).

I would love to hear how the pros do this!

Processed JPG:

Original JPG from the Camera:

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