Why Didn't Canon Put the 1DSIII Sensor in the 5D3?

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Re: Why Didn't Canon Put the 1DSIII Sensor in the 5D3?

As others said, it's the same sensor with different (cheaper) electronics surrounding it. The 5D3 should be somewhat better in all measurements, especially in terms of (really) high ISO noise, as the pre-production samples suggest.

BTW, what do you mean about fixing banding a decade ago? The 1DsIII came out at the end of 2007, about 1 year before the 5D2.

jffielde wrote:

But they didn't. I guess the issue came to me looking through the dozens of 5d3 banding threads. Canon fixed banding nearly a decade ago in the 1DsIII - which is of virtually the same resolution. Seems it would have been easier / better to tweak that sensor than the 5D2 sensor. The banding insanity probably only inflicts one in a 100,000 customers, so maybe it just doesn't matter.

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