Profiles -- I'm confused

Started Mar 14, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: It's a recipe

Steve has a given a good explanation of what profiles do. If you are using Windows, when you open the downloaded profile, it automatically finds its way into the right file and will be available in the printer dialogue box when you are ready to print.

Profiles are wonderful because they make things much easier. Without a good profile, you struggle to get the picture right on the screen, then go through the nightmare of wasting time, paper, and ink in order to have the colors come out as you want. With profiles and a calibrated monitor, you never need to think about it or compromise. You print exactly what you see on the screen, using any printer/paper combination you choose.

It is well worth learning how to use profiles, and if you are serious about printing, investing in the equipment and software to produce custom profiles is a necessity.

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