not very happy with Nikon customer's support

Started Mar 16, 2012 | Discussions thread
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You still can

jonrobertp wrote:

Nikon won't answer me either..and having shot wedds for decades with Canon, it is very frustrating that Nikon cannot, will not, fix the forced flash override the body does to the flash. Unlike Canon, where the flash is separate from the body in controls, and it's easy to do 2/3 ambient, 1/3 flash. But not Nikon...they won't let me do it. sad. And other posters on here have , well some of them, been acting like children.

Easy to do it on Nikon. Just meter the scene in manual exposure mode and go +2/3 with aperture, shutter, or both. Then set +1/3 EC. That will not affect ambient so you are still at +2/3, but it will take flash to +1/3 as EC still affects flash comp in manual exposure mode.

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