UWA rediculousness

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SNRatio wrote:

dnercesian wrote:

Glad to know I am not the only one with the affliction. After much consideration, I think I am nearing a decision. While inconvenient, I think I will keep the 14-24, basically as a gigantic 14mm prime, and go ahead and buy another 17-35. I will most likely have the 17-35 on that particular body 95% of the time, and just feel warm and fuzzy knowing the 14mm is there if I need it.

I don't care too much about VR in this focal range, though I will be thrilled if a reboot comes out with it. Mostly I would just like to see all the new lens technology applied here. The 17-35 is definitely old, but it is hard to pick on anything specific because it does everything really well, just not up to par with what they could do with it today. I'd also like to see them make it a 16-35 2.8.

Sounds like a good short term plan to me. In some half-weird sense, the 14-24 and the 17-35 are complementary, and whenever the 17-35 is not quite up to the situation, it's a fair chance the 14-24 will be it more. To me, the main weakness of the 17-35 is its unevenness - along most dimensions. From crappy edges to outresolving the 12MP sensor all over, comfortably. I'd really like the update to be 15-35 or 16-35. But please no VR, if there is the slightest chance that will make the centering problems even worse.

I second the 15-35 suggestion if Nikon can pull it off clean. If that happened, I could skip 14 entirely. You are right, in my case, that the 14-24 and the 17-35 compliment each other well, especially since I am using the 14-24 as an oversized 14mm prime anyway.

See, there is another option. Reboot the 14mm prime to have the IQ that the 14-24 has. That would work for me along with the 17-35 and be smaller to carry.

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