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Ronj2 wrote:

Yes its the iPad 3, it has the new dictation feature. After several hours I still don't see much difference looking at my website photos or any text and apps. My wife can't see any difference either except for the color balance. Also with magnafiers I can see the increased pixel density so it is the new retina screen. I just don't think its as big a deal as the marketing has promoted. Yeah there is a difference but not like the marketing guys made it sound. I will have about 6 people over tomorrow night and will ask them if they can see much difference. I can see a little bit of increased edge sharpness and clarity on tiny text if I really look hard but I wouldn't have noticed if no one had told me about the display upgrade. Photos look exactly the same to me side by side unless I get really close to notice the increased smoothness. Not a big deal to me at all the iPad 2 display is excellent. This is my wife's iPad and she really likes the new dictation feature which really does work very well. for me I wanted the better camera and video features. Otherwise I would say stick with the iPad2 for a $100 less.

Ron J

Your experience mirrors mine. Comparing it to my Transformer (1280*800). In short text looks crisper. Hard to see any differences in photos. The Retina Display hype is totally overblown. Maybe we are reaching a point of diminishing returns with so many pixel on the display.

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