What's the deal with NIKON YELLOW CAST - HELP!

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heemskerk wrote:

The one thing that really upsets me about nikon is the weird yellow cast I find in almost all nikon images. It makes the photos look nasty, and I don't want to have to "suck yellow" out of every photo.

might be your eye are bombarded for past years with a red Canon cast..making Nikon images look yellow..

Images of Nikon are usually a bit more warmer than Canon, but not yellow.

If you feel there is a yellow cast. You can make a custom in-camera image setting once, and it can be used on all your images.

Also what lenses would you recommend with a D800 for around 4 grand?

That totally depends on your type/style of photography. Nikon made a nice list which can you find on their site with lens recommendations.


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