What's the deal with NIKON YELLOW CAST - HELP!

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Re: What's the deal with NIKON YELLOW CAST - HELP!


I'm a "PRO" French Nikon User since 17 years, and what I can say is :

Colors were perfect on my D2X (ADOBE RVB MODE III) since 2005.

But, since the 2007, with the Nikon D3, then D700, D3s... Nikon introduced as a standard "the picture" Control settings in their cameras.

And, As you, I've found that there colors turned into a yellow cast (like my old Kodak Slides ... and unlike the Fuji Velvia Slides witch are mostly magenta)

To correct that cast, on my D700, two technics :

  • Set , for each WB balance (Anto, Daylight, etc..) Minus 2 points to blue

  • Use the old "emulation" D2x Mode III

(you can even uploaded it to my D700, and use it as a standard)

On the New D4 or D800, I'm not sure if that yellow color cast is still there; based on the RAW samples that i've download arround, the D800 looks now perfect to me

So maybe we are talking about (only) the automatic WB (not the standard WB 5200 set ?)


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