Canon schizophrenia and betrayal

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Re: Canon schizophrenia and betrayal

studio311 wrote:

Anastigmat wrote:

Edymagno wrote:

The 5D2 with its high pixel count, ...was fantastic for studio and landscape photographers.


Following act, Canon turns the 5D line into a pricy wannabe action camera leaving studio and landscape photographers owners in the cold once more.


I don't see how you can be considered sane and claim that 21mp is great for landscape phtographers, but 22mp leaves them out in the cold.

Quite sane actually. It's about evolution. For 2008, 5d2 was very cool. For 2012, the 5d3 after 3.5 years of R&D, should reflect serious SOMETHING. Advancement in resolution? No. ISO? Not really, especially considering Sony made a 36mp sensor with much better DR and equal to 5d3 in iso. DR? Definitely Not! Canon gives it pretty much the AF and metering it should have already had...and proclaims "Revolution". Not working for me.

But hey..the new AF is cool and welcomed with open arms. Yet, innovation it ain't.

Video? Not really.

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