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skeys Veteran Member • Posts: 3,191
Wow, you and your father must be omniscient

ccd wrote:

skeys wrote:

ccd wrote:

when I was a kid my dad would tell encourage me to eat more of what was on my plate.....that if I ate the best first then I would always have the best for last ;-).

ummmm.......yes it does. It makes perfect sense. Read it again and think carefully.

Yep, you both must be omniscient in order to ALWAYS eat the BEST without actually trying something new, which just might NOT be the BEST.
By your reasoning, my 4-year old daughter would be eating ONLY cheese pizza.

But, hey, my hat's off to you for, in order to be omniscient, you are obviously WAAAAY more educated and knowledgeable than I.

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