Jupiter with 500mm/f4

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Re: Jupiter with 500mm/f4

Those are fantastic images!

Focus length of my Canon lens with the used converters is 2800mm whereas my small refractor telescope has only 700mm (I used to have a 15” Newton) so I do not think I will do better with the refractor even if I add a 3x Barlow lens. I think what I do with the camera now is not so different compared to the webcam method but I definitely do not have your magnification! Your C8 focuslenght may be something like 4000mm eff. and then you probably add a 2x or 3x Barlow lens.

A mount with drive for sure would help me to shoot longer video’s and improve the results. A very welcome side effect is the comfort of not having constantly to re-align the setup for almost each video. So it is something I do think about

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